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Hello everyone! If you have ever wanted to join SparkFun, now is a perfect time to take a look at our job openings! We're updating our careers page soon, and in the meantime wanted to point out our openings for anyone interested. Many of these positions are closing soon - some even within the week - so don't delay (also note none of our current open positions are remote, but Boulder County is - in our extremely unbiased opinion - an excellent place to be :)).

Join the SparkFun team!


  • Machine Operator (Evening Shift) - The Machine Operator is responsible for running a variety of pieces of machinery including stencil printers, pick and place machines, reflow ovens, selective solder machines, board washers, and automated optical inspection (AOI) machines. This is the start of the overall board assembly process, and is an integral one in setting the pace for the rest of the assembly process. Prior PCB assembly equipment operations experience is not required. We will train the candidate that is best fit for the position.
  • Packager - The Packager is responsible for ensuring that in-house assembled PCB products are safe for transport and storage in the warehouse. They are the final step in the overall Board Assembly process. The Packager is also responsible for assembling Light Packaged Assemblies, which are things like buttons, switches, sensors, transmitters and receivers.
  • Board Assembly Technician - The Final Board Assembly Technician is responsible for completing the PCB assembly, and ensuring it is ready for customer use. This includes any rework needed to fix the assembly, final test code and/or bootloader code uploading, and 100% in-circuit testing of every product to ensure full functionality.

Software & IT

  • Senior Systems Administrator - The Senior Systems Administrator is responsible for maintaining the uptime, performance and security of all critical SparkFun systems. This includes all external systems and web properties (, and internal systems that run our day-to-day company operations. This role will coordinate projects, collaborate on development and the deployment of system updates. Following an Agile development methodology, the ideal candidate identifies systems needs and works closely with fellow team members as well as all departments within the organization as needed.
  • Software Development Manager - The Software Development Manager is a critical role within SparkFun, facilitating the creation, communication and realization of our systems that run our e-commerce platform, production operations and our new À La Carte application. Leading a team of technical professionals, the Software Development Manager is responsible for all team management duties including staffing, employee development, mentoring, and team interactions. The Software Development Manager is a member of SparkFun’s Technology Group, reporting to the CTO. The right candidate collaboratively works a variety of internal customers, guiding their inputs and interaction throughout the entire software development lifecycle. By facilitating the creation and management of user needs, the elaboration and prioritization of work, and successful user acceptance testing, the Software Development Manager ensures development and delivery of the desired user functionality.


  • Shipping Associate - Shipping Associates will be responsible for performing duties that maintain good inventory practices and a productive work environment. This will include but is not limited to: utilizing our ERP system to pick and ship inventory, packaging orders for shipment according to SparkFun's standards, and packaging of Lithium Batteries according to current Hazmat regulations. Someone who likes being on their feet and working on a team will enjoy this environment. Overall, we are looking for a helpful addition to our energetic shipping department and a great contributor to the SparkFun community.

Sales Operations - Business Development

  • Technical Sales Support Specialist - The role of the Technical Sales Support Specialist is to support the Sales Team in achieving sales growth objectives by providing in-depth technical consultation and an amazing customer/potential customer experience. The Technical Sales Support Specialist will have direct communication with accounts; work closely with Sales, Technical Support, Engineering, Supply Chain, and Product Services; will be relied upon for deep technical knowledge as well as the ability to communicate and build relationships with accounts; and will help build foundational knowledge of the Sales Team. This position is highly technical and is at the front line to engage in meaningful, technical conversations, consulting with the Engineering Team when necessary.


  • Kitter - The Kitter is responsible for assembling full kits, ensuring they are ready for customer use. This includes pulling raw materials from inventory, counting out correct quantities of parts, and ensuring each kit receives the correct combination of raw materials.

Do you have what it takes to join the SparkFun team? We'd love to have you become a 'Funion!

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