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Description: This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio from Digi. This is the SMD version that we are currently using on our shields and breakout boards.

Note: This item is sold as each, not in pairs.


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  • For those who need to order these from Digikey, it looks like they are part number S5902-10-ND. But they’re cheaper here!<br />
    (Sparkfun, do you mind when we do this?)<br />
    EDIT: I had the wrong part number! It should be correct now, I think. Anyway, still cheaper at Sparkfun.

  • For anyone making a footprint, it appears this is a “D” style layout. Could someone from Sparkfun confirm this (and maybe add it into the part description?). Thanks!

  • Any idea how to set up an eagle footprint for these?

  • this is the 10 pin version, but i can’t find the 8pin on your site (it’s in your library)

    • I think we might have discontinued them.

      • thanks, I found them on digikey, same part # as Alexander posted, except S5902-08-ND. I needed it for a breakout header, but didn’t need full 10 pins.

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