2mm 10pin XBee Socket - SMD

This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio from Digi. This is the SMD version that we are currently using on our shields and breakout boards.

****Note: ****This item is sold as each, not in pairs.


2mm 10pin XBee Socket - SMD Product Help and Resources

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Customer Comments

  • For those who need to order these from Digikey, it looks like they are part number S5902-10-ND. But they're cheaper here!<br />
    (Sparkfun, do you mind when we do this?)<br />
    EDIT: I had the wrong part number! It should be correct now, I think. Anyway, still cheaper at Sparkfun.

  • Can you order this in tape reels?

  • Does anyone have Eagle library for this part?

  • For anyone making a footprint, it appears this is a "D" style layout. Could someone from Sparkfun confirm this (and maybe add it into the part description?). Thanks!

  • Any idea how to set up an eagle footprint for these?

  • this is the 10 pin version, but i can't find the 8pin on your site (it's in your library)

    • I think we might have discontinued them.

      • thanks, I found them on digikey, same part # as Alexander posted, except S5902-08-ND. I needed it for a breakout header, but didn't need full 10 pins.

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Does the job

I designed my board around this socket because I came across it on the Sparkfun web site and it was exactly what I was looking for. I am a little bit disappointed that the price does not go down more quickly with quantity (I need them in the 100's)