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Description: You might have seen these cables used in computers. They are typically used to bring USB connections from a motherboard to the external case, or the rear expansion slots. They have a 0.1" spaced 4-pin header on one end and a USB A connector on the other.


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  • I’d like to see the “same” thing, but with a female USB B jack instead of A. Those seem to be harder to find (although I’ve found some) and are very useful when you put things into enclosures.

  • This product will be great for my charging station project.

  • I too would love to have this with a USB B connector.

  • 6' or 6" ??

  • a couple of different pannel mount items, an i aggree, I’d rather spend my money here. FrontX has a staggering selection of panel mount cables with an end that is 0.1" spacing. DB9 Serial, audio, RCA and Svideo,
    I haven’t ordered from them so…

  • Nice. Much better than those 12-18" cables that come with most motherboards!

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