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Description: This adapter allows you to connect a barrel jack connector to bare wires. One end has screw terminals and the other has a 5.5x2.1mm, center-positive male barrel jack. If you need to connect bare wires to a barrel jack on an Arduino or a development board, this might be the simple solution.

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Customer Comments

  • I really think they’re ridiculously overpriced.

    For this price on E-bay, one can buy 5 PAIRS of these (free shipping). So it’s 10x more expensive.

    A 10x price margin for such a convenient product isn’t very nice. Everyone should be able to have at least 10 of these lying around.

    I’m not trying to blame anyone or shoo people away from Sparkfun, but I’m extremely curious how the Chinese manage to sell it 10x cheaper (with free shipping from China).

  • Do you have something like this with just wires coming off instead of the weird blocky back?

  • I love this thing! Saves me a ton of time. My only complaint: The screw terminals are marked “+” and “-” but it would be more accurate to have them labeled as Center and Ring using the classic icon used on most wall-wart transformers. Same on the female version.

  • Now That is one of the coolest things i have seen in a long while ! <br />

  • Dangit - I just placed an order! It seems like you always post something I want the day after I make an order. Sneaky!<br />
    - Dean

    • We don’t have a limit on how many orders you can place in a single day… <br />
      <br />

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