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Description: This is a simple six wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything else. These cables mate with the connectors listed below. They have bare wires on one end and a 6-pin JST SH connector on the other end with a mating socket.

Dimensions: 8" length


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Customer Comments

  • Remember to verify the pin position. Don’t assume that the black wire is pin 1. On the GPS Receiver - GP-735 the black wire is pin 6!

  • These wire harnesses are super convenient - thanks Sparkfun! However, be aware the insulation on these wires is of very low quality and easily melts when using a heatgun on shrink-tubing.

  • Can you get a cable with both a female and male connector that is JST SH compatible?

  • What is the spacing between the holes?

  • Can the connector be reflow soldered? The datasheet says something about a -25° to 85° range…

  • I missed that these are spaced on 1mm centers. You might include that in the description more obviously.

  • Any recommendations if someone needs (say) 6' of wire instead of 8"? Can you recommend a crimper and pins or maybe you would make custom cables if a minimum order quantity was met?

    • We don’t do custom cables. We are working on a kit for making custom cables. We have SOME crimp pins, some crimpers, etc. Check here for cable housings and pins:

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