JST RCY Connector - Male/Female Set (2-pin)

This is a 2-pin JST RCY connector typically used for low-voltage applications running 3A or less. They are commonly found in RC vehicles. These come in a bag of 1 male plug, 1 female plug, plus pins to connect them both. The pins crimp to your cable and are inserted into the housing.

  • 1 male socket
  • 1 female socket
  • 4 pins

JST RCY Connector - Male/Female Set (2-pin) Product Help and Resources

Working with Wire

February 8, 2013

How to strip, crimp, and work with wire.

Resources and Going Further

The JST RCY connector is used for RC LiPo batteries. You will need some wire, wire strippers, and crimping pliers to crimp the pins for the JST RCY connector. For more information on how to crimp the pins, how to use the crimp pliers, inserting pins into the housing, removing pins from the housing, and explanation of the standard polarity for battery power, check out the following video from John Salt.

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  • CF / about 4 years ago / 1 /

    Our Crimping pliers have been verified to work with the crimp pins on these connectors.

  • montegq / about 7 years ago / 1

    Hey! Glad you're finally carrying some stuff that also works with RC equipment! Now, how about some EC3 connectors, so I can power my Sparkfun projects from my airplane batteries?

  • TeslaFan / about 12 years ago * / 2

    10 amps? Are you sure you want to stick with that story? That they're specced for 3 is impressive enough.
    I have to applaud you on the direction of packaging one full connector's worth of stuff as one item. This happens all the time, I want a 2 pin connection to a motor or whatever... just one! Or perhaps 2 or 3. Now I have to get male bodies, female bodies, and then male and female pins. This solves a big issue!
    One more detail... I use this tool to pre-crimp pins like this prior to soldering:
    Crimping Pliers for JST
    It's one of your products, and I use it all the time. But I don't see it in the "Related Products' section for this part.

  • ReactiveLight / about 11 years ago / 1

    Anyone know where to get this in black or white? I need a few thousand sets for connecting lighting strings, and red is too garish for my application.

  • WizenedEE / about 11 years ago / 1

    Are these polarity protected? Is it impossible to connect them backwards? There's no pictures of the "other sides" of these.

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