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Description: This is a 2-pin JST RCY connector typically used for low-voltage applications running 10A or less. They are commonly found in RC vehicles. These come in a bag of 1 male plug, 1 female plug, plus pins to connect them both. The pins crimp to your cable and are inserted into the housing.

  • 1 male socket
  • 1 female socket
  • 4 pins


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Customer Comments

  • montegq / last year / 1

    Hey! Glad you’re finally carrying some stuff that also works with RC equipment! Now, how about some EC3 connectors, so I can power my Sparkfun projects from my airplane batteries?

  • 10 amps? Are you sure you want to stick with that story? That they’re specced for 3 is impressive enough.
    I have to applaud you on the direction of packaging one full connector’s worth of stuff as one item. This happens all the time, I want a 2 pin connection to a motor or whatever… just one! Or perhaps 2 or 3. Now I have to get male bodies, female bodies, and then male and female pins. This solves a big issue!
    One more detail… I use this tool to pre-crimp pins like this prior to soldering:
    Crimping Pliers for JST
    It’s one of your products, and I use it all the time. But I don’t see it in the “Related Products' section for this part.

  • Anyone know where to get this in black or white? I need a few thousand sets for connecting lighting strings, and red is too garish for my application.

  • Are these polarity protected? Is it impossible to connect them backwards? There’s no pictures of the “other sides” of these.

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