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Description: BNC connectors are ideal for quick connects to audio coax and high-frequency signal lines. This is a right-angle connector and comes with a lock washer and nut.


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Customer Comments

  • For those who don’t want to RTFM, it’s 50 Ohm (audio) not 75 Ohm (video). I only mention this because I pulled some 75ohm bastards out of a parts bin while working on a high speed, 50-ohm senior design project and spent a few hours fighting some uncalled for reflections.

  • Is this compatible with “Tyco Part# 5227161 BNC connector” needed for the AVR Oscilloscope Clock : O-Clock (WIG-09306)? Thanks.

    • Can I get an answer please? Is this the part I need for my WIG-09306 AVR Oscilloscope Clock : O-Clock?

  • This appears to be an isolated ground BNC. Two things to keep in mind. The ground is isolated (duh) so your enclosure/panel won’t provide a connection to the ground side when you mount this puppy. The other thing is that the threads on the barrel are plastic. If you tighten these too much (which is not much more than finger tight) the plastic will break.

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