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Description: We all know that you can never get too many LEDs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is a pack of 25 LEDs all conveniently packaged in a nice reusable ESD safe bag. Make that next project shine!


  • 25 IR LEDs
  • Standard size - T1 ¾ 5mm
  • 1.4-1.6V forward drop
  • Max current 50mA


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Customer Comments

  • What’s the basis of the “Resistor Value 390 Ω”?
    At the rated maximum current of 20 mA, 390 Ω will drop:
    V = I * R = 20 mA * 390 Ω = 7.8 V
    That’s more than a 4-pack of alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH cells provides to an open circuit.
    At the nominal 6 V from a 4-pack of alkaline cells:
    Vres = Vbatt - Vled = 6 V - 1.5 V = 4.5 V, so
    I = Vres / R = 4.5 V / 390 Ω = 11.5 mA
    At the nominal 4.8 V from a 4-pack of NiCd or NiMH cells:
    Vres = Vbatt - Vled = 4.8 V - 1.5 V = 3.3 V, so
    I = Vres / R = 3.3 V / 390 Ω = 8.5 mA

  • The datasheet says the max. forward current is 50 mA, but above it says 20 mA. Which is correct?

  • If I was to make an IR illuminator for night-vision viewing through a phone camera with all of these, would it be bright enough? Also, would 850nm be better despite the visible red glow?

  • Can these damage your eyes of shone directly into them 2cm away? im building an eyewriter system but don’t want to damage my eyes

    • The real problem here is that we have no information about the intensity. It’s a little late, but hopefully you didn’t give yourself cataracts!

    • If you are worried about safety, some suggest to look at the LED using a digital camera. The IR led is good to go if you can see it glowing on the screen. ( has some great tutorials about testing IR Leds and safety) Hope that helps!

    • I’m going to go ahead and say yes, it’s best not to do that.

  • Everybody loves IR LED’s!
    Perfect for the nighttime wildlife camera I’m making

  • Can I get a Spec on the viewing angle of these? Wide, Narrow? I need some good wide angle for a beacon implementation.

  • This LED might be good for IR control applications, but it won’t make that next project shine (unless you have IR vision).
    This is not the same LED as COM-09349, or is it?

    • It appears to be the same LED, but the specs do not match.
      The other LED has a forward current of 50mA. This one is 20mA.

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FPV IR Headlight

I bought these to create a 24 LED Array to act as a headlight for my FPV setup and was not disappointed. 4 groups of 6 LED’s can be hooked up in series with a 56 Ohm ¼ Watt Resistor and then all fed with the standard 11.1V battery pack. Next time I build another for another aircraft I will definitely go with these.