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Description: This plastic knob accepts a 6mm shaft and has a 15mm outer diameter. They simple press-fit onto a shaft. These are clear so that they can be used with our illuminated rotary encoders.


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Customer Comments

  • These make an awesome diffuser for RGB LED’s!

  • Can these be removed from the encoder once attached? I’ve pulled hard enough that I am concerned that I might damage the encoder, but the knob is stuck pretty good.

    • I’ve always been able to get them back off. I’m sure I’ve removed four different knobs from encoders dozens of times. I have had to pull pretty hard a few times.

  • Not bad, although if you look at the picture carefully you can see that these knobs do have a position indicator. Whilst they do the job perfectly they’re idea for rotary encoders if you are a true perfectionist. They do have a nice solid feel to them though

  • Despite both having a 6mm shaft, this knob does not in fact fit on the (non-illuminated) rotary encoder COM-09117.

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Very nice knob.

It is fairly small, and while it was meant to be used on a rotary switch that SparkFun is selling, it also fits perfectly on Alpha Pots with a clear shaft.

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what a knob

let’s all give this knob a round of applause, shall we?

Half way there?

This is a nice knob, but does not fit on my 6mm-shaft encoders. :( Maybe a bad batch? Waiting on customer service to respond.

Edit: My encoder shafts are 5.97mm… Also, I don’t see the point of testing clear knobs on a pot. ;)

Hi, I tested these with some of our 6mm potentiometers and it fits perfectly. Your encoders might have a different spline count as compared to these knobs. Also, please contact us directly if you have future support questions.