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Description: Sometimes you need to fasten something down with a nut, but don’t want to worry about shorting anything. A nylon nut can save you the hassle of shorting out the ground plane on a PCB without enough spacing around the mounting hole.

Note: Sold in packs of ten.

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Customer Comments

  • For me this is less about shorting and more about weight saving, in a quadcopter application…

    +1 for nylon screws

  • Can we get some nylon 4-40 screws to go along with the nylon standoffs and nylon nuts? Preferably multiple length options (½", ¾", 1")

  • This is a solution in search of a problem (the actual uses for nylon nuts are pretty limited). Better options to deal with a shorting PCB issue would be to use a nylon washer or a “small pattern” nut instead.

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