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Description: This 3xAA battery holder puts a nice finishing touch on your battery powered project. This holder features a removable, sliding cover, which is secured with a small phillips head screw. Another bonus is the ON/OFF switch which can be used to control power to your project.

The leads are about 150mm, and the last 5mm of them are tinned.

Dimensions: 68.5 x 47.5 x 19.6mm

Comments 3 comments

  • I picked up a few of these from another source a few months ago. They’re nice, sturdy battery holders. You should carry the four AA ones for 5 volt devices that have a voltage regulator in them. (Like arduino)

  • Id very much like to see 3xAAA with switch

  • Picked up one of these to upgrade my Minty Boost and have a hard off switch. This case fits nicely in a Penguin Mints tin.

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