MP3 Codec - VS1063

VS1063 is an easy-to-use, versatile encoder, decoder and codec for a multitude of audio formats. They can be hard to get hold of but we've got them!

The VS1063 contains a high-performance, proprietary, low-power DSP core as well as ROM memory, 16KiB instruction RAM and up to 80 KiB data RAM for user applications running simultaneously with any built-in decoder! There's built-in serial control and input data interfaces, up to 12 general purpose I/O pins, a UART, as well as specialized peripherals like a high-quality variable-sample-rate stereo DAC and a stereo ADC, followed by an earphone amplifier and a common voltage buffer.

VS1063 can act both as an MP3 decoder or encoder slave IC in a system with a microcontroller, or as a stand-alone circuit that boots from external SPI memory.

  • Encoders: MP3; Ogg Vorbis; PCM; IMA ADPCM; G.711(µ-law,A-law); G.722 ADPCM
  • Decoders: MP3 (MPEG 1 & 2 audio layer III (CBR +VBR +ABR)); MP2 (layer II) (optional); MPEG4/2 AAC-LC(+PNS), HE-AAC v2 (Level 3) (SBR + PS); Ogg Vorbis; FLAC; WMA 4.0/4.1/7/8/9 all profiles (5-384kbps); WAV (PCM, IMA ADPCM, G.711 µ-law/A- law, G.722 ADPCM)
  • Full Duplex Codecs: PCM;G.711(µ-law,A-law);G.722ADPCM
  • Streaming support
  • Up to 96KiB RAM for user code and data
  • Unique ID for user code protection
  • Quiet power-on and power-off
  • I2S interface for external DAC
  • Serial control and data interfaces
  • Can be used either as a slave co-processor or as a standalone processor
  • UART for debugging purposes
  • New functions may be added with soft- ware and up to 12 GPIO pins


MP3 Codec - VS1063 Product Help and Resources

Core Skill: Soldering

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3 Soldering

Skill Level: Competent - You will encounter surface mount components and basic SMD soldering techniques are required.
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Core Skill: Programming

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3 Programming

Skill Level: Competent - The toolchain for programming is a bit more complex and will examples may not be explicitly provided for you. You will be required to have a fundamental knowledge of programming and be required to provide your own code. You may need to modify existing libraries or code to work with your specific hardware. Sensor and hardware interfaces will be SPI or I2C.
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  • karnlund / about 7 years ago / 1

    Note that the description of this chip is wrong. It does not support any MIDI functionality.

    From the datasheet "VS1063a is a pin-compatible alternative for VLSI Solution’s VS1053. It has all the func- tionality of VS1053 (except MP1 and MIDI decoding)"

    Also, VS1103B is not described as having midi, but it does. VS1103B is capable of MIDI playback while decoding audio files simultaneously.

  • Can anyone tell me what size these pins are? I have a micrometer I could measure it with, but its in the garage and its cold out.

  • NorthStreetLabs / about 8 years ago / 1

    If anyone is having trouble with this guy playing back an MP3, try checking the embedded album art, too large of a file or a corrupted image will cause problems with reading the file. While we are looking for another solution via firmware, we currently fix this by removing problem images with mp3TAG,

  • dehack / about 12 years ago / 2

    This is not a MIDI device. There is no mention of MIDI function in the datasheet (General MIDI chart, etc), but there is this:

    Further Description VS1063a is a pin-compatible alternative for VLSI Solution’s VS1053. It has all the functionality of VS1053 (except MP1 and MIDI decoding) and many new features, particularly MP3 and Ogg Vorbis recording.

    So...great chip, but no MIDI functionality despite the byline.

  • seulater / about 10 years ago / 1

    I want you all to be forewarned at how cheap SFE has gotten is on shipping this IC. I ordered 4 of these along with 2 BOB-11684 boards. They arrived today in a tiny 5 x 4 x1.5 box. Each IC was in it's own super thin bag. So thin that i could chew it and swallow without a problem. You cannot package a IC like this in just a bag, The leads will bend. To shove 4 IC's 2 BOB & paper packing all into that little box is just flat out dumb. Now i have IC's with bent pins. SFE, stop being so dam cheap. Invest in anti-static foam boxes like everyone else does. You're not a company hurting for money, and you already charge far more to ship than most others, there is just no good excuse you can have do doing something as pitiful as this.

    • Sleepwalker3 / about 10 years ago / 1

      You can't be sure of a response by posting a comment here. If you really want some action, then I'd suggest sending your comments to customer service and include a copy to Nate. It may just have been a nube in packing, but if that was the case then they should be trained much better.

  • Member #583687 / about 10 years ago / 1

    MP3 encoding requires some license - this is included with the chip, right? On the vlsi site it says the price includes encoding license, so can we assume those chips also have it?

  • Member #286247 / about 11 years ago / 1

    Can this be soldered to an MP3 Trigger board to replace the fried chip? The failure was my fault :(

    • MikeGrusin / about 11 years ago / 1

      This is the right part, and yes it can be done. You have a good chance of success assuming this was the only part that was damaged. Good luck!

  • DTM1618 / about 11 years ago / 1

    Any chance of these coming back in stock soon?

  • NablaWebmaster / about 12 years ago / 1

    This chip is known to have several issues, please look for patches at before using it

  • Kevin C. / about 12 years ago / 1

    Last bullet point seems to have a typo ("soft- ware")

  • scharkalvin / about 12 years ago * / 1

    Wow that's cheap! This chip is supposed to be the vs1053 on steroids, but half the price? Now how about a breakout board? (Or just sell me the 1053 board without the chip on it for $20 less, and I'll solder it myself).

    • MostThingsWeb / about 12 years ago / 1

      Where does the price difference come from?

      • Greeeg / about 12 years ago / 1

        From my understanding the other VS10xx ICs have a recommended retail price of $20 (set by VSLI?), but sparkfun gets them for alot cheaper, this is why the breakouts were also $20. They must have lowered that for these chips..

        • Shadyman / about 11 years ago / 1

          That or Sparkfun bought a bigger batch this time around :)

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