Diffused LED - White 10mm

Check out these big 10mm through-hole LEDs! The opaque epoxy package causes these LEDs to have a soft, diffuse glow.

  • 3.0-3.4VDC Forward Voltage
  • 20mA Forward Current
  • 40 degree viewing angle
  • 150-180 MCD output

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Core Skill: Electrical Prototyping

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  • darrylh / about 9 years ago / 1

    I'm suspicious that the "opaque epoxy package" isn't really "opaque." :)

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Absolutely wonderful!

The white 10mm Diffused LED was priced perfect and exactly what I needed for a Valentine's Day project. I ordered three of them. Normally this is about where the story would end, but what I initially received was NOT the Diffused LED - White 10mm (item# COM-11121). Instead I received what I believe was item# COM-11120, which is a Diffused LED - RGB 10mm. The LEDs had four leads, instead of two. While this might have been a stroke of luck on a different project, it was not seen as such for the project at hand. I emailed customer service that weekend and feared the worse. A little before noon Monday morning I checked my email and found not one, but two emails from Sparkfun. The first from customer service, apologizing for the error and promising a reshipment of the proper LEDs with upgraded shipping so that it would arrive in time for me to finish the Valentine's Day project. The second was a notice that my package of three Diffused LED - White 10mm had shipped with 2 day UPS. The correct LEDs arrived, worked beautifully, and my gift to my sweetheart was ready on time.

When everything goes right we sometimes take it for granted. When something goes wrong, it gives you an opportunity to see what sort of people you're dealing with. I'm happy to say that Sparkfun's customer service was exemplary. Whenever another project comes up that has me needing to order such items that Sparkfun carries, I will not hesitate to shop here first.

Nice quality but won't work for me right now

Keep in mind, unlike I did, that 10mm means a little less than half an inch. THEY ARE BIG!

I wanted the small ones (3-5mm).

But these are still nice leds..