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Description: These are the sturdy little stomp switches that you find on guitar effects pedals. They’re DPDT on/on type switches which mount into a ½" diameter hole. You’ll need at least 7/8" of depth beneath your mounting surface to accommodate the switch body. Use these as replacements in some types of effects pedals or, better yet, build your own!


  • Max Current: 4A @ 125VAC
  • Max Voltage: 2A @ 250VAC


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Customer Comments

  • Let me date myself. The old car floor Highbeam dimmer switch! :-)

  • FYI - Typically guitar effects that use a stomp switch use a 3P2D to allow for true bypass around the effect circuit. These would work great for a gain boost or selecting clipping diode configuration, etc.

  • Never mind, I missed the answer to my question below.

  • Does the switch bottom out on the housing to take access pressure? Or if you step on it too hard will it break?

  • I see no depth for the threaded shaft. it’s marked as l on the vendors diagram, probably to acomodate several models. could you tell me the length in mm?

  • Is this a push on, push again for off switch (like a car head light dipper/dimmer switch used to be); or do you have to keep pressure on it?

  • The time on the product video is wrong, its linked to 9s into the video when it should be 61 seconds.

  • Have you any idea of the pressure needed to activate, such as can a finger push light/heavy easily work these or is it indeed a ‘stomp"?

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