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Description: An assortment of colored wires: you know it’s a beautiful thing. Six different colors of solid core wire in a cardboard dispenser box. Sit this on your workbench and stop worrying about having a piece of wire around!


  • 22 AWG
  • 25 ft / Spool
  • 6 Spools in Six Different Colors
  • Colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, and White
  • Dispenser Box!

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Customer Comments

  • I have a question - what color is the wire? The photo shows different colors than the description…

  • See part number 27WK22SLD25 at Electronix Express… $11.95

    • Yeah, they may be cheaper, but there’s also something to supporting a company you like. Particularly a company that I’ve gotten things free from, twice.

      • Their servers were not kind to me on both Free Days, but I don’t hold a grudge because of it. I wasn’t entirely persistent, either.

        I will say that this is a handy thing to have around. I bought both stranded and solid sets from ELEXP because each kind of wire is appropriate in different situations. 20-24 AWG is a good range, with 22 AWG being ideal for general use.

        • Regardless of the price, among other things, Sparkfun has a better website. I have been on electronix express and there is no comparison! If Sparkfun has the part, you will find it and know everything you need to know about it faster than the propagation time delay of a schottky diode! I think I might still try ordering from electronix express, but only for exclusive items. Sparkfun, excellent job with the website!

  • i wish this was 24 awg solid. it’s my choice for working with breadboards 22 (which is larger than 24) is ok if you want a perm connection but 24 is easier to move around and re-use.

    good idea to have a kit like this. wire colors help a lot!

  • good wire, not too hard to strip. Works really well

  • I’m currently adding a USB charging port to my alarm clock. There’s a 10V section where I will tap off to my 5V regulator circuit. I strongly believe my iPod/iPhone 5 will use any where between 500mA to 1.5A MAX. Can anyone give insight into if these wires are capable of carrying that amount of current safely? I’m searching online and I can’t really find a concrete source of information… (it’s all almost brand-specific)

    Also, the fact that SparkFun doesn’t really carry any other gauge makes me believe that these are really a general purpose wire that can be used for anything from breadboarding to small electronics mods like what I’m doing. I do know that ratings are important however so that is why I am asking before I purchase a bulk pack like this. Thank you! Loving this site!!

  • Great kit but I have one suggestion. The plastic wrap was really tough for me to remove. Here at work we use one piece of tape to hold the loose end to the spool.

  • Big plus - the wires are tinned, as shown in last photo. Protects from corrosion, tarnishing, and makes soldering a LOT easier than bare copper, esp. when it’s a bit old.

  • I am a little CDO (OCD in alphabetical order) about my wires, and SFE has changed the wire insulation and spool. Will SFE continue to sell the spools of wire as depicted in their individual hook-up wire products?

    • It doesn’t matter if they still carry the individual spools because SFE has an incomplete selection as they don’t offer blue - you have to find a different supplier and that really messes with your wire feng shui. (As an CDO you should know that).

      I get the red thing but what’s with the no-blue thing? The SPE buyer(s) are colorists! COLORISTS!


      • We hear you :) Blue wire. And many others. We’ll see what we can do.

        • Can you please either fix the picture (Colours) or fix the list of Colours, as they don’t match (as advised by Miria above) - Oh, sorry, it’s ‘Colors’ in the US.

      • Well, I have been amassing a collection of bent wires, and I don’t like to see some pale-ish yellow jumpers next to mustard yellow wires. Also, the pale-ish insulation is easier to remove and then put back on. (I like this because to save wire, when I make more bent wires, I strip about 2 feet of insulation off of the wire, cut my bare wire into about 20-30 1-inch long wires, cut my insulation into about 20-30 slightly shorter lengths, put the insulation back on, and then bend the bare ends 90 degrees.

        SFE really shouldn’t mind crazy nerds like myself. Sparkfun is awesome either way, but I just wanted to know. That’s all.

  • Is this wire suitable for wire wrap? I was concerned that the gauge might me a problem.

    • This might be a big big for wirewrap…depending on what kind of rework you want to do. Usually,people will use AWG 30 for wire wrap. Gage 22 is perfect for general hook up (solid core for breadboard, multi braided for everything else)

      E.G. :

      Have a nice holiday!

    • You’ll see 22AWG bits around, for use in the high-torque wire-wrap guns of the telecommunications industry. It’s quite common there, used for DS1 wiring among other things, but the posts in telecom are considerably beefier than the leads found on electronics sockets.

      As a hobbyist, I’ve done 22AWG wrap in projects, mostly for power connections. I wouldn’t recommend it. Get the gun cocked just a little bit sideways, and the socket post will twist right off. Electronics wire-wrap is really a different animal, and everything’s sized around 26-28-30AWG wire. Solid 22 is for breadboards. :)

    • Follow CRC’s advice: definitely do not use this for wire-wrap nor the kind of fine PCB repair work that one might also use 30 AWG wire for.

  • One thing they didn’t mention, is this size is great for making your own breadboard jumper wires. 22AWG is perfect for this. I bought some of this from a guy on eBay a few years ago, and have used it every since. Great to have around the shop.

  • ……….and I just got my hook up wire I had to buy…..this would have been so useful LAST week!!! Gah!!! So many color options!!! :-)

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