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Description: These headers are made to work with the Arduino Uno R3, Leonardo and new Arduino boards going forward. They are the perfect height for clearing the USB-B connector and great for stacking multiple shields. This kit includes 4 headers (2 8-pin, 1 10-pin and 1 6-pin), enough to connect a shield to an Arduino board. These are the same headers we use in our tutorials and with our own shields.


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  • well I’m confused… I would have expected 2x 6 pin and 2x 8 pin… somebody tell me where these go! I need 2x 6 and 2x 8 to fit my pinout! bought them for the xbee shield which doesn’t accommodate the 10 and 8 pin. I guess I should buy the individual pieces from now one.

  • Would be great to have 13pin headers for Raspberry PI. I have used the 8 pin and trimmed off 1 pin from the 6 pin and they work OK.

    They come up a little short, but workable… 13 pin, tall, headers a tough to find.

  • Includes is correct; description is wrong

  • The photo and the includes text is correct = 2x 8-pin, 1x 6-pin and 1 x 10-pin

  • The description should be changed to reflect the “Includes:” section.

    Description: 1x 8-pin, 1x 10-pin and 2x 6-pin Includes: 2x 8-pin, 1x 10-pin and 1x 6-pin

  • So does the R3 not come with any headers? The images on its product page show that it has headers.

    • It does.

      Unfortunately, the headers on the board will clear the DIP chip (the actual microcontroller), but not the USB port and barrel jack. That’s fine if you have a standard formfactor shield, but bigger ones end up overlapping that area. Standard headers would cause these shields to fit very loosely into the UNO R3’s headers.

      In come these headers. Their long pins allow the shield to mate with the UNO R3 better.

      It’s not really always the best of solutions, though. It causes the shield to not be mounted flush with the UNO R3. An alternative would be to get short headers and press those down into the UNO R3 first, then mount your shield on top of that - or replace the headers on the UNO R3 entirely (keeping in mind that if you no longer need the ‘big’ shield, you’ve just wasted some vertical space).

  • Could someone please help me in telling me, where should I look for the footprint for this headers in the eagle library?

  • What is true? This kit includes 4 headers ….2 6-pin or 2 8-pin??

  • Any idea when they’ll be back in stock?

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