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Description: This robotic claw is a step up from the classic. The MKII takes everything you loved about the standard robot claw from DAGU and makes some significant improvements! 

Just like the classic claw, they are made from metal and are pretty heavy-duty, but the MKII also features brass sleeves in the joints which make them more rigid and less likely to come loose. The claw opens to about 2" and depending on the servo motor used, it can pick up some relatively heavy objects. The new spring-loaded clutch helps protect your servo gears from damage and also increases the gearing to 2:1, allowing the servo to act over its entire range and provide more gripping power!

These also have a mounting plate on the bottom which accepts standard spacing found on servo mounts (the extra bits that come with our servo motors). These do not come with a servo motor, so check below, the 'medium servo' is the one that works well.


Replaces: ROB-10332

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  • Would any of the Hitec sevos work with this claw?

    • we haven’t tried it, but this one looks to be about the right size.

      • As I mentioned in another comment below, we first tried using ROB-11887, which fit the clutch and claw, although the supplied screw (M3x20), that attaches the clutch to the servo, does not fit the servo.

  • Can someone please give me an idea of how much this thing weighs? I need to integrate it into one of my robotic arm projects.


  • can anyone tell me if the claw is compatible with the “Generic Full Rotation (Micro Size) servo”,model: ROB-10189 ?

  • I would remind any nay-sayers that you get a wonderful Claw for $11.95 + shipping. It does have quirks and flaws, yes. It’s twelve by-blessed dollars - WOW! A little file work on the edges helps, maybe you have one that needs the clutch spline drilled slightly or to be used on a plastic shaft, little bodging about, yes yes, it happens…

    But it’s $12! $12!! You can use a $3 servo with it or an $11 servo. A cool, robotic claw! No, it’s not perfect but, my happy-dancing-dog, you can have a WORKING ROBOTIC CLAW for less than tickets and popcorn for two at the movies!!! How is that not just WonDerFuL?!?!

    The world is not perfect, and the MK-II Claw could be cited as proof of that - or, or, you could say “Pretty damned close!! I’ll just apply a little finesse and get this dialed in! Hone my mechanical fitting skills, I will! What a great opportunity to SHINE!”

    I’m 53 and you have before you now all the marvelous things I could only dream of as a child and for most of my adult life - don’t let the little hiccups sour the wonder of it all, yeah? And, we should all be thankful for those folks out there that make these lovely bits and pieces of our dreams for us - because the alternative is to jigsaw the parts out of ply or plastic and really really have to fiddle it - been there, done that, learned lots, loved it but wouldn’t wish it on a friend although I may teach it to my granddaughter. So! Chins way up! Eyes on the prize!

  • what is the weight of this claw?

    • 132g - everything except a servo ( claw, clutch, servo mount screws and nuts, clutch mount screw and bushing 94g - claw minus clutch and clutch mounting hardware 38g - clutch and clutch hardware.

  • Do the rubber grips on the last picture come with it?

  • This is the solution I found to assembly the Robotic Claw to the Pan/Tilt Bracket:

  • Any word on how this works underwater? Also, does Sparkfun sell any waterproof servos that would be compatible with this claw?

    • Sparkfun doesn’t sell a compatible waterproof servo, but search online for “waterproof park size servo” and you might find something. Check the dimensions first.

  • what is the weight?

  • Does anyone know how you could rig this up to an Actobotics channel or something…

  • What material is this made of? What is its weight?

  • This is a great claw

  • What material is this made of?

  • Excellent. This claw is 237% more better than the old claw. Old claw bad - new claw good. Thanks. Ive yet to burn a servo.

  • what servo s compatible with this claw ?, I just purchased it and my servos do not fit.

    • Despite johnhenry’s comments below, we just used the ROB-10333 (“Servo - Generic Metal Gear (Micro Size)”) without any modification, and it fit perfectly. We first tried ROB-11887, which also fit the clutch, although the supplied screw (M3x20) that attaches the clutch to the servo was too large in diameter…

  • To use the ROB-10333 servo, I needed to enlarge the splined hole in the magnetic clutch with a 7/32" drill bit, which left just a little bit of spline in the hole. This gave me a snug fit of the servo shaft to the clutch.

    • Having same problem here - clutch’s splined hole just a hair small, so it’s not just you. At first I went cheap and tried other servos HK-15148, Turnigy TGY-1160A & TGY S31015 I had on hand - was able to press-fit them, but would have had to drill out the plastic output shaft to use the particular screw provided, or change to a smaller screw and fatter bushing/bearing tube. Decided to purchase the recommended servo after all, but alas… Since the clutch didn’t want to fit any of these in an easy, proper manner (and it should have) - it’s the clutch spline hole, not us. Other than this, I think the Claw is absolutely peachy for the price. Maybe the next will fit better, but in any case, I’m buying more of these gems.

  • Does this compatible with servo MG995?

  • This thing is horrible, do not buy. The only saving grace is that I only wasted 10 bucks on this.

    • Sorry to hear you were so dissatisfied with it. Is there something in particular that you didn’t like? We appreciate the feedback so we can work to improve our quality.

      • Please ref the reply to JohnHenry above. First, thank you for a very nice claw. You should, however, ensure the clutch fits the recommended servo properly & consistently. Many of us expect things recommended by the claw mfr or sales point to actually fit nicely right off. My wife is one of those. I do as well, but don’t mind a little bodge-work to set things right. Having to very tight fit on a plastic shaft, or drill / file something on a metal shaft or the clutch shouldn’t happen too often. Anysomehow, My wife loves the Claw, didn’t want to have to modify anything, but is now satisfied and so am I. Whatever faults the Claw has, it’s price, sturdy construction and cool mag clutch really do make up for. Thanks again, and have a fab day =)

  • I couldn’t figure how to mount this to the MkII Pan/Tilt bracket, so I designed a part for 3D printing. Files available on Thingiverse. /K

  • Question about assembling this claw to the pan/tilt bracket. The directions aren’t clear. Should I have attached the pan/tilt bracket to the claw before I assembled the claw? It looks from the drawing that the screw and nut on the base of the claw bracket have to be removed and replaced with the M8x12 screw so that it can screw into the collar parts. Is that right? Right now, with the claw assembled, there is no clearance on the side where the clutch is to take the screw on the base of the claw bracket out and replace it with the other one. What is the role of the stand-off nuts on the base of the claw? I assume it’s an additional attachment point if I didn’t want to use the pan/tilt bracket. Is that right? Sorry if these questions are obvious.

    • I agree, there doesn’t way to be an easy way to use the claw and the bracket together. I would appreciate a tutorial or hookup guide.

  • will this be able to lift up a softdrink can full of rice??

  • Does ROB-09065 servo go with this or which servo compatible with this?

  • We don’t know what servo we can use!

  • Any update on pan tilt bracket?

  • I’m really happy I didn’t order the tilt-pan bracket, having finally seen the note at the bottom of the product description.

    Anyway, for $12 I’m not expecting precision machining, but this thing leaves a lot to be desired. It gets the job done, but required a fair amount of pushing and shoving to get that gear in place. The clutch was also a bit difficult to get on the medium servo, but it does fit. Just be sure you don’t accidentally open the clutch, as it’s only held together with magnets.

    Overall it’s not bad, but I’m waiting for that tilt-pan bracket!

  • Ordered this and the recommanded servo. ROB-10333 Doesn’t fit.

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