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Engineering Quality Assurance Pistol Whipper. Making sure broken stuff gets fixed and getting documentation updated and monitoring the products' GitHub repositories.

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Biomechanics and medical applications of electronics. Traveling. Snowboarding. Fun blinky things. And of course, sparklers!

An update on your friendly neighborhood Open Source Hardware Association.

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Examining the inner workings of an electric chord organ.

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A quick overview of the neat stuff seen at the 2014 Open Hardware Summit.

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A summary of an awesome homemade robot built by SparkFun customers

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A quick hardware teardown on some key-chain games.

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How to interface the RedBot with MatLab and SimuLink

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Discussion of the OS tools we are using, and a GitHub update.

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Open-sourcing Laser Technology and the SparkFun visit the Optics Lab at the School of Mines

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We participated in the annual Costume Con in Denver recently, and taught an e-textiles workshop!

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Tech Support RoboJoust

The Sparkfun Tech Support team put on a robot joust. After months of preparing not only the arena, but also the competitors, they are here to bring you their tale of robot mayhem.

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Getting Started with the Teensy

June 18, 2015

Basic intro to the Teensy line of products, with soldering and programming suggestions.

Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter Hookup Guide

June 18, 2015

A basic introduction and assembly guide for the SparkFun Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter.

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May 5, 2015

Get started using the SparkFun Easy Driver for those project that need a little motion.

BlackBerry Trackballer Breakout Hookup Guide

March 26, 2015

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Spectrum Shield Hookup Guide

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Want your project to react to music? Then the SparkFun Spectrum Shield is the product for you! Get going in no time with this Hookup Guide.

Wake-on-Shake Hookup Guide

March 13, 2015

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Big Easy Driver Hookup Guide

February 13, 2015

How to get started with the SparkFun Big Easy Driver.

LilyPad Simple Power Hookup Guide

January 15, 2015

A basic guide for getting started using the LilyPad Simple Power.

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November 3, 2014

Need more power? This Benchtop ATX Power Supply Kit should help give you the boost you need to power those energy hungry projects.

Hacking Your Maker Faire Badge

September 18, 2014

How to hook-up, program, and modify your Maker Faire Badge for electronic fun.

Logomatic Hookup Guide

May 29, 2014

Basic introduction and hook-up guide for the SparkFun Logomatic.

Uh-Oh Battery Level Indicator Hookup Guide

April 9, 2014

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Programming FPGAs: Papilio Pro

March 28, 2014

Learn the basics for writing HDL and programming the Papillio Pro.

OBD II Uart Hookup Guide

March 4, 2014

How to start working with the OBD-II Uart board.

MPR121 Hookup Guide

December 18, 2013

How to get started using the MPR121 for capacitive touch sensing with your Arduino.

Copernicus II Hookup Guide

December 18, 2013

A guide for how to get started with the Copernicus II GPS module.

PCA9306 Level Translator Hookup Guide

October 31, 2013

A quick primer to get you going with the PCA9306 Logic Level Converter.

Tilt-a-Whirl Hookup Guide

October 2, 2013

A simple hook up guide to get started with the Tilt-a-Whirl sensor.

Accelerometer Basics

March 28, 2013

A quick introduction to accelerometers, how they work, and why they're used.
  • Thank you for the feedback! We’ll definitely take a look at that the next time this board is up for revision.

  • If you run the command “Show VRAW”, it will highlight all traces labeled VRAW in the schematic. This tool works for any signal/part you’d like to trace out on the board and schematic. Regarding HV_AREF, it is labeled to differentiate it from AREF on the Teensy.

  • VRAW connects to the input on the 5V regulator. We didn’t include all the possible power configurations for the AREF and IOREF pins simply to keep costs down. It’d be up to the user to connect those to the proper power supply for their particular project/shield they are using.

  • Do you mean a shield adapter for Pro Minis? That’s great feedback - thanks!

  • They simply didn’t sell well enough and we couldn’t keep the manufacturing price low enough to keep them on the storefront. Also, this clears out space for other new and fun products!

  • First guess is there’s something weird going on with your power supply system. Are you powering the shield and the inverter from the same 12V? Do you have a common ground between your bare conductive board and the Escudo? There also is the possibility that it could be an issue with the tape/wire you are using. Try switching the order that the wires are connected on the board and see if the issue follows a particular wire or if it stays on a certain pin on the Escudo. That will help narrow down where to check for issues.

  • Get back in touch with tech support. If they already received your other board back, they might have a better idea as to what went wrong with the set up and give you some pointers as to what could be the culprit.

  • I think what you are seeing are the locking header footprint that we use to keep the headers stable in the selective solder machine. The headers are actually on straight.

  • It did get fixed, the files just didn’t get updated. It looks like our autonotify for the pcb swap didn’t trigger correctly for us to update the files. Those should be updated momentarily. Sorry about that!

  • There are different interpreters out there such as this one. A quick search for “GCODE Arduino” has a lot of results (hurray for the expansion of 3D printers!).

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