Audio Cable TRRS - 18" (pigtail)

TRRS connectors are the 3.5mm audio-style connectors that you see on some phones, MP3 players and development boards. TRRS stands for "Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve," which reflects the fact that, unlike a standard stereo connector, this actually has three conductors and a ground. Some devices use the extra conductor for a microphone (like hands-free headsets) or to carry a video signal (like in some MP3/MP4 players) If you're hacking on something that has a 4-conductor audio jack, being able to plug straight in will keep your build clean and simple.

  • 18" Long (45.72 cm)

Audio Cable TRRS - 18" (pigtail) Product Help and Resources

Noisy Cricket Stereo Amplifier - 1.5W Hookup Guide

April 26, 2018

A hookup guide for the Noisy Cricket Stereo Amplifier - 1.5W.

Connections for Audio

With the linked pinout diagram under the Documents tab, this article on TRRS should help you to determine the connections you need.

Customer Comments

  • Is the CAB-11580, TRRS cable male to pigtail product available with a longer cable length? Thanks!

  • What gauge wire is inside this?

  • We need the matching jack!!! Please Please Please


    Ok, so that level of excitement may not be warranted here... But finally! A 4-pole jack! I've been dying to incorporate some USB-to-3.5mm cables in some of my projects - using one port on the pcb which can be used for both audio and serial RX/TX comm. Any chance on stocking the 4 conductor female receptor as well? THX U SF!

  • I had an old ipod shuffle which use this connection for charging and usb transfer and wanted to show some photos I had stored on the device to some mates.

    We ended up using a 3 component video to TRRS cable in combination with a dissected old usb cable and some clothes pegs to produce a "I can't believe that worked" reaction from those at the place. Classic.

  • Found this helpful pin-out guide.

  • A cable terminated with RCA Video and standard stereo audio on one end and the TRRS on the other would be most useful for RPi B+ owners. Is there such an animal?

    • Yes there is a lot of digital cameras that use the same type of cable to connect to a TV, but I'm pretty sure Sparkfun doesn't sell one. You would have to google it, or you could probably find one on Amazon or Ebay

  • A double sided version of this would be perfect for connecting a Raspberry Pi B+ to a car DVD player.

  • Got a defective one whose microphone line died during a job interview. Not much quality control with these. At least get a microphone monitoring app for the phone. My only other issue is 18" is too short. It should be at least as long as a headphone cable.

  • I need the board mount jack too so I can use it for VCC, GND, TX, RX for a shifter and datalogger I use. This would make it very easy to install.

  • Yay! No more mono audio out of my phone! Thanks Sparkfun, this is a great product!

  • This appears not to be shielded, looking at the closeup and the pinout diagram. Or is the ground wire tied to a shield that just doesn't show well on the closeup? Can anyone confirm?

    • It doesn't look like its shielded and I think it would be on the pin out. For me that would be a good thing because I just want a 4 con plug and don't care about shielding since it kind of gets in the way.

  • I asked about this a few months ago. I have a few projects that need 4 conductors. :-)

    Is there a matching jack in the works? Inline would be best.

    • ask at any local audio shops, they sometimes have connectors (male and female) on sale or a lead they've already hacked up and they have left overs. Your most likely to find the old 3 poles but might find a 4 pole.

    • you can find cheap extension cables on ebay, just cut them in two

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