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Description: This is an 8 gig microSD memory card. It’s perfect for massive datalogging without taking up a lot of space. These microSD cards have a simple to use SPI interface allowing any micro to read and write data. It even comes with an SD card adapter and a USB adapter!


  • 8GB MicroSD card
  • MicroSD Adapter
  • USB adapter


  • Class 4 (up to 4MB/s read-write)
  • 8GB Storage

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Customer Comments

  • Just info for people who don’t understand the Class 4 rating. Class ratings on SD cards is for maximum read/write capabilities. Class 4 means it can do 4MB/s. Consult this Wiki page for more info on it: Speed Class Ratings

    May I suggest adding the, (up to 4MB/s read-write) to the Class 4 in the features section?

    • class ratings are minimums, not maximums.

      • The SD card has to be capable of operating at the minimum speed for it’s class (it’s welcome to be able to operate at a higher speed, but likely the manufacturer would give it a higher class rating if it is capable of operating at the next class’s speed). Therefore, the class speed is the maximum that it’s safe for the computer to try to access the device.

        So i’t one of those cases where you’re both right.

  • I recommend this memory flash to use with raspberry Pi model-B and with raspbian OS version 2013-05-25-wheezy-raspbian.zip.

    But beware if you want install slackwarearm-14.0 operating system to run on raspberry Pi I did the installation of the slackwarearm-14.0 on this SD Card, but it fails when is time to boot.

    So for me this SD card works perfectly with raspberry Pi model-B using raspbian OS version 2013-05-25-wheezy-raspbian

  • Hey, not a bad price! Shoot it’s even better than Wall Mart.

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Works perfectly!

Works perfectly! love the compact usb reader! I’m using this with the mp3 Trigger to attach with the illumitune mini I replicated from the tutorials, now my son can play his favorite song and play along!

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