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Description: This is a very simple fixed temp, quick heating, 30W 230VAC soldering iron. We really enjoy using the more expensive irons, but if you really need a cheap iron for your tool box, this lovely iron is a good choice. This is a low-cost iron and it works! But it doesn’t come with a stand. We recommend you checkout the iron stands below.

The iron is attached to a six foot cable which is terminated with a European 2-prong (CEE 7/7) plug. There is a nice grippy surface at the end of the handle that does double duty as a nice heat shield.

A 1/32" pointed tip is included. The soldering tip and the heating element are replaceable, see related items below for compatible replacements.

Note: This is a 230VAC version and will only work properly on that voltage.

Make sure you check out our soldering tutorials.

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  • ——————– Tech Support Tips/Troubleshooting/Common Issues ——————–

    Maximum Heat from Soldering Iron Tip

    It’s a common misconception that the very tip of the iron does not provide the most heat. In fact, the side of the tip of the iron (aka the sweet spot) of any soldering iron is where it will provide the maximum amount of heat. Here’s a good illustration [ .

    Applications and Tutorial

    This soldering iron is used with our Simon Says kit. For tips on using this soldering iron, try looking at our online tutorial => .

  • This is working fine with 220V 60Hz power?

  • I wanted a cheap and easy soldering iron for simple projects, I was buying some things from sparkfun anyway s added it to my basket, I am in the EU so I double checked I got the right one, now it has arrived I can’t seem to get it working, no heat whatsoever, I plug it into the mains, nothing, 10mins later still nothing, 30mins stone cold. Are these ‘plug and play’ or am I missing something?

    • double-check the heating element is seated well. if it is, contact and they’ll get you taken care of.

  • Tried using with an adapter to our American ports, wouldn’t heat up to melt leaded solder, wish I saw it was European before I bought it. Any way to open it up and swap a few components to get it to work in the US?

    • It’s typically the entire heating element you’d have to replace. At the price the whole kit is sold, that’s generally not worth it. YMMV though, open it up and have a look-see what’s inside :)
      Edit: oh, but if you really wanted to, I guess Soldering Iron - 30W Replacement Heating Element could be your ticket. (This read ‘would’ before. It’s a bit confusing - it’s listed as a related product below, but on its own page the U.S. version of the iron is the only related product (thus my guessing that’s the 110V element), but also says it’s only compatible with that iron.. so I’m making the assumption that it does fit, etc.)

  • Is the temperature adjustable?

    • Nope, and if it’s a straight conversion from the U.S. (‘110V’) version, it may not be suitable for lead-free solder (see comment). But for regular soldering jobs on PCBs and the odd plug, it should do just fine :)

  • If you only had it earlier, than I would also buy it :)

  • I was hoping for an English three prong :(

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Reasonable quality for a small price.

If you are looking for basic soldering iron for your hobby, This is the one. Simple to use, Handy, Pretty quick heating time.