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Description: This conductive ribbon is a great way to wire your e-textile projects without running hundreds of stitches all over the place! There are 4 insulated silver coated conductors in this flexible, polyester fabric ribbon. The conductors can't be soldered to, but we do carry crimp-on connectors that you can use to terminate the ribbon cable with pin-headers. Check out the related items below for connectors.

You get one yard of conductive ribbon which can be easily cut with scissors and machine sewn.


  • Low resistance: ~16 Ω / ft.
  • 4 Conductor connections
  • Power and data applications
  • Light-weight
  • Sewable
  • Washable and dryable
  • Stitchable over apparel construction seams
  • Foldable onto itself without shorting


Comments 6 comments

  • Does the crimped FFC plug into any of your battery holders? Any of your LED holders? Photo in tutorial shows using copper tape.

  • Can’t be soldered to? Challenge Accepted. Now, where’s my Oxy-Acetylene torch?

    Honestly, I’m glad SparkFun put that disclamer in there. No false advertising on this site!

  • These looks like superconductors used in LHC

  • How much can this hadle? I’m thinking of using this for a full-body camera taser. Could this take the volts?

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