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Description: This is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy duty push button! These metal push buttons are a very tough, small, panel-mount momentary switch with an illuminated white LED ring. It is a SPDT with 16mm threading and 1mm pitch. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. Overall length (including leads) is 1.5" and has small solder lugs for connection. These momentary buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated for 5-12V.

Note: The images for this button show an LED voltage rating of 5V. We have verified that the voltage range for the the LED to be 5-12V. We are currently communicating with our supplier for new documentation. Trust the branding on the button to verify your voltage requirement.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Momentary Operation Type
  • White LED Ring


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Customer Comments

  • Anyone know if this button can be modded to house a small Bi-color Blue/Red 3 wire LED by chance? I am building my own display and need a momentary button that changes color as the original led does. In fact, I can re-use the original led. Can this button be disassembled to reach the LED? Thanks

    • Hello. I just had a look at one. Not without a lot of difficulty. The metal housing is crimped around the gray plastic. If you were able to get it open without destroying the switch, you’d likely need to glue it back together.

      • Thank you for taking a look. I found a push button switch from E-Switch (similar to the ones here) that is only single color mode but it is working fine. When there is no signal I wanted it to blink red like the original LED does, but now it is just off. When the unit is on it is solid blue, and when it is on and not receiving signal is blinks blue, so this works out OK I guess. So long I have enough visual data to know what mode it is in I am fine. Not the ideal solution though…

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