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Description: This is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy duty push button! These metal push buttons are a very tough, small, panel-mount latching switch with an illuminated white LED ring. It is a SPDT with 16mm threading and 1mm pitch. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. Overall length (including leads) is 1.5" and has small solder lugs for connection. These latched buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated for 5-12V.

Note: The images for this button show an LED voltage rating of 5V. We have verified that the voltage range for the the LED to be 5-12V. We are currently communicating with our supplier for new documentation. Trust the branding on the button to verify your voltage requirement.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Latching Operation Type
  • White LED Ring


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Customer Comments

  • I yearn for the day when someone makes an RGB version of these!

  • Does the led have a resistor for 5 volts or no resistor so you can set your own according to your requirements?

    • I’ve hooked mine up without any additional resistors directly to 5v on my Arduino Mega, and they work quite fine. I’m assuming that there is one inline, or the LED is capable of taking on the full load

  • Just got a pair of these and they’re beautiful. Nice clean tactile click, sounds and feels solid like a car door. I plan on buying lots more.

  • Are the switch pins separate from the LED pins? For example can I use this button to switch a 12v power supply on and off, and power the LED from a separate 5v power supply?

    • The switch pins are separate from the LED pins. In the fourth product picture you can see the LEDs lit-up with the LED pins plugged in the + & - power rails. The three SPDT switch pins are dangling unused in front of the sockets. In the second product picture you can see the switch labels showing which ones are the common, normally-open and normally-closed pins.

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5

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Good product

I used this for a replacement part and it was definitely better than the original. Works as advertised!

Haven't mounted it yet but very cool!

The button latches easily, the led ring around these buttons looks stellar, good clicky feedback. Overall great product.

very nice look

The button looks great but to activate the switch the button needs pushed way down into the unit and is difficult to do. I ordered a different size (25mm) and am happy with it.

Mostly Good

Bought a few of these to try out.

They are decently made, and easy to wire.

One had the LED go dead after two days of continuous usage at 12v, but the rest are still kicking after a month.