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Description: This is the XBee WiFi Module with U.FL connector from Digi. XBee WiFi embedded RF modules provide simple serial to IEEE 802.11 connectivity. By bridging the low-power/low-cost requirements of wireless device networking with the proven infrastructure of 802.11, the XBee WiFi creates new wireless opportunities for energy management, process and factory automation, wireless sensor networks, intelligent asset management and more. Focused on the rigorous requirements of these wireless device networks, the module gives developers IP-to-device and device-to-cloud capability.

XBee modules offer developers tremendous flexibility and are available in surface mount and through-hole form factors. The XBee WiFi shares a common footprint with other XBee modules. This allows different XBee technologies to be drop-in replacements for each other.

As a member of the XBee family, the XBee WiFi combines hardware with software for a complete modular solution. XBee WiFi modules are designed to communicate with access points in existing 802.11 infrastructures. Developers can use AT and API commands for advanced configuration options.

Note: If you are using these outside of the United States, please check with your local laws regarding radio communication.


  • 3.3V @ 309mA
  • 72Mbps Max data rate
  • Antenna Type: U.FL
  • Fully FCC certified
  • 4 12-bit ADC input pins
  • 10 digital IO pins
  • 13 Channels
  • AT or API command set


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Customer Comments

  • Can someone tell me if this will work without an attached antenna? I accidentally purchased this instead of the embedded antenna version and time constraint prevents exchanging through Sparkfun… D'oh. Would RadioShack have the appropriate antenna attachment?

  • is it possible to send data from one of these to a service listening on the port the data is sent on? I cannot for the life of me get any data to end up where it’s going. I’m transmitting frames to a socket listening on the same port its sending from and i get nothing, not even a connection.

  • Hey guys, I want to solder this onto a PCB that I have designed, but I also want to still be able to reprogram it. Can this be programmed in circuit? Would it work if I just connect the proper pins to an xbee explorer but leave everything else still connected to other things? Thanks!

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