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Description: This is a SMD 4-pin right angle male header. We use this header on our Graphic LCD Serial Backpack.

Pins have 0.1" spacing between rows and between pins.


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Customer Comments

  • Call me a nob, but anyone know where to get 4-pin female SMD right angle headers to mate with these? Looking for somethig to be able to connect 2 pcbs end to end. That assumes that they exist and I’m not a complete moron that simply missed them.

  • Does this have mounting studs on the bottom like the 6-pin version?

  • said something stupid, don’t know how to delete comment, so I just edited it to say this.

    • your comment lives on in my feed - and in your defense, it probably could be used as an upright PTH header with a very peculiar offset ;)

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