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Description: This is a 2x23 pin female PTH header, with extra long legs which makes great for stacking. This piece is in the common configuration for Beaglebone Black headers. Each pin has a spacing of 0.1" in between each other.


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  • Just a note for others: If you are planning on using these for a custom cape, and you need clearance above the ethernet jack, these are too short for a reliable connection. Samtec makes a version of this with a 14mm pin length that works well.

  • What is the pin length?

  • Are the pins flat or are they rectangular like the typical 0.1" breakaway header pins?

    • Received my order. The pins are flat, not like the breakaway headers. The pin length and shape are ideal for standard Beaglebone cape design.

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Packaging and naming problems

I have used these headers in several projects with great success!

The headers from this site are ordered by single header, not by pairs of headers.

Additionally, the headers all arrived in a single bag. Over half of the headers had pins that were bent to a condition that made use difficult. A considerable amount of time was needed to realign the pins to a functional state.

So sorry about this issue. We’ve passed this information along to our Shipping team. And I’ve contacted you directly to see how we can help. Thanks