Header - 2x3 (Male, 0.1")

This is a simple 2x3 male PTH header. This header is in the common configuration for an ISP connector. Each pin has a spacing of 0.1" in between each other.

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Core Skill: Soldering

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1 Soldering

Skill Level: Noob - Some basic soldering is required, but it is limited to a just a few pins, basic through-hole soldering, and couple (if any) polarized components. A basic soldering iron is all you should need.
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  • Member #625649 / about 10 years ago / 1

    Where is this on the Sparkfun eagle library... I seem to have a lot of trouble finding things on the eagle library, is there some sort of guide i can refer to? Thanks! :D

    • Kamiquasi / about 10 years ago * / 1

      Suppose you have a board or schematic, and you're adding a part (command "add"). You should then get a little dialog with on the left a list of libraries and on the right some preview information (if a part is selected). Below the list on the left is a search field - try entering key words from the part's name in there.

      In this case, entering "2x3" should at least give you SparkFun-Connectors > 2X3, which happens to be the part required and is an exact match for the name.
      If you enter "*2x3*", you'll get parts that mention 2x3, like SparkFun-Connectors > 2X3_LOCK (which is intended for the same part, but has pads slightly offset from each other so that you can insert this part, flip the board over for soldering, and not worry about the part falling out.)

      If that doesn't work, try other key words, in this case e.g. "*header*", or even the part's ID "*12807*" (many, but not all, components are have their SparkFun ID added).
      If all else fails - and I've certainly had that happen - try using an external search application that can search through files for certain text. As of Eagle version 6, all the libraries are XML plaintext, and you can often find a part that way if the above methods don't work. You then have to scroll around a bit in the file to figure out exactly what the part is named, but after that you can just go back to the Eagle search facility :)

      For additional guidance, see also;
      Using EAGLE: Schematic: Adding Parts to a Schematic

  • Hiduino / about 10 years ago / 1

    Do you have available the 2x3 SMD headers that are used on the Redboard?

  • +RobertC how about a preformed 2xN header strip that one side of the pins is bent 90° twice so that each side will plug neatly into the center of a breadboard?

  • Madbodger / about 10 years ago / 1

    I just have to say, that's a really nice picture. Sure, it's a common and inexpensive part, but someone took the trouble to light and crop it and make it look its best. I'll go so far as to point out I would buy a T-shirt with this image on it.

    • Zio / about 10 years ago / 4

      I'll second this. Sparkfun must have also struck a deal with the government to obtain only THE shiniest of quarters. I bet they keep that quarter in a vault. Not to protect it from theft but to protect the world from it's shine.

    • we treat all products the same :-)

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