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Description: The RN-52 Bluetooth from Roving Networks is an audio module that makes it simple for you to create a hands free audio system for your car or remote control your media center. With this breakout board we’ve made it easy for you to drop it into any project you could use it for. All pertinent headers are broken out and labeled for your convenience.

The RN-52 module combines a class 2 Bluetooth radio with an embedded digital signal processor (DSP). The module is programmed and controlled with a simple ASCII command language. It provides a UART interface, several user programmable I/O pins, stereo speaker outputs, microphone inputs, and a USB port.


  • Fully qualified Bluetooth module
  • FCC Certified
  • Fully configurable UART
  • Dual-channel, differential audio input and output
  • Supports iAP profile
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Maximum over air data rate of 3.0Mbps
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth products that support SPP (almost all do)
  • Embedded Bluetooth stack profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP/HSP, and SPP
  • 3.0 ~ 3.6V operation
  • Bluetooth Technology v3.0 compatible
  • Class 2 power output


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Customer Comments

  • This is so close to what I need, but not quite. What would be more useful is a breakout board that has transmit bluetooth music to bluetooth speakers. I have a set of speakers ready to go, but I need a way to read data from a micro sd card with .mp3 files on it and have it sent via bluetooth to the speakers.

    • dgerton / last week * / 1

      This is a break-out board for the bluetooth module RN-52, and it does that well. It was so easy to set up and pair to my phone it felt like cheating. If you started adding an mp3 decoder and a card reader, suddenly it wouldn’t be good for other projects.

      Luckily, there are a options for the audio source. I’ve had good luck with the Adafruit VS1053 breakout which I think is not comparible to anything SFE has because it has the card reader built in. The closest items SFE has are the MP3 and MIDI Breakout (no card reader) and the Lilypad MP3 (has a card reader but also adds a micro-controller) so in that respect there’s a gap in the product line. Hook the 1053-outs to the RN53-ins, program the RN53’s firmware to master and have it connect on power-up, and you should be golden.

    • ftrocchi,

      Have you looked at the datasheet and command reference? It mentions the device defaults to “slave” mode, but can be reconfigured to “master” mode. Check to see if you need any more than that to support the BT audio output device you want to drive. From a h/w perspective, it has I2S and S/PDIF inputs so you can feed it with a WAV file + a uP with I2S, to read the card and feed the i/f.

      Admittedly that’s not turn-key, but it’s doable depending on your level of expertise. Alternatively, and possibly cheaper and faster, buy an RPi and throw a $10 USB BT dongle into it. No solder required, and no code. Everything you need is already there, all you need is a short script to kick it off. Plus you have the ability to control it over a network at no xtra charge, should you want to go for extra credit.

      Good luck! -Mark

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