Alligator Clip with Pigtail (4 Pack)

This is a 4 pack of wires that are pre-terminated with an alligator clip on one end and a hookup pigtail on the other. Alligator clips are a staple part for any workbench and with these cables you will be able to easily incorporate those clips into a breadboard, development platform, or anything else that you would normally be able to attach a hookup wire to.

Each Alligator Clip with Pigtail cable has a wire length of 30cm (that’s a little less than 1ft) and a male pin that easily inserts into a standard 0.1" connector. Each pack consists of two red cables and two black cables.

Customer Comments

  • More colors!

  • This. This was smart. We’ve all made (or at the very least thought of) something like this. Being able to buy them is far better.

  • I made a set of these on my own several years back (and even shared with the Sparkfun gang) and let me tell you they are really useful. There are just some things that don’t like breadboards, and little expedients like these really help.

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