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Description: The Solder Vacuum, a great (and sometimes under appreciated) little tool for solder rework. It allows you to pull the molten solder out of a connection or via with ease. To use it you simply depress the plunger, heat up your solder, place the nozzle over the solder you want to remove and finally just push the button. The piston pops up and the solder disappears!

This solder vacuum has a black metal body with a hard plastic nozzle and buttons.

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Fantastic for removing pins

I purchased this to remove servo connector pins from a board. Takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it leaves a clean hole for the new pin.

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very useful

This sucker really works!

That's pretty neat.

This sucks up excess globs of solder with ease. Definitely a must-have for people like me who tend to create circuit-shorting solder monsters all over whatever they may be ironing together.

Doubles as a fun fidgeting toy that makes a silly noise.

Great product at a great price.

Works much better and easier than solder wick. This is a solid tool at a great price. I’m always happy to buy from Sparkfun!