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Description: Tip tinner is a good thing to have in your arsenal of soldering supplies. Composed of a mild acid, it helps remove baked on residue (for when you melt your desk top) and helps prevent oxidation (the nasty black stuff) that accumulates on your soldering tip when not in use. Comes in a sealed 20 gram disk. This tinner is Lead Free.


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  • This shit rocks! Never tried the specific brand, but I assume sparkfun chose decent solder tip cleaner.

    I used to carry it around with me to classes because university tips sucked until you cleaned them.

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My iron is as clean as the day I bought it!

I love this stuff! My soldering iron is clean as when it was new. I’ve found I get the best results by pushing the hot iron (750 degrees F) into the cleaner, then wiping the iron on a damp sponge. I had poor results when I tried to clean the iron with brass wool - it seemed to really need to be wiped off (on a sponge) rather than scraped off (on brass wool).

Now that I know how to clean my soldering iron, soldering is a pleasure!

Good, but a word of caution...

It does an excellent job of cleaning the (hot) tip, especially when you follow it with a damp sponge. However, you need to be careful to get the container sealed when you’re done with it, or it will “dry out”. The good news is that even if it has dried out, it will still work, though it’s more difficult to get the tip into it.

Works great

I’m very happy with the tutorials and the equipment that I got from Sparkfun. As an electronics novice, I spent a lot of time watching videos and reading articles from your site before purchasing the equipment I needed to solder and wire a prototype. Armed with the knowledge you imparted, I have had no issues at all doing the work. Thanks, guys.