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Description: If you do anything with electronics, you’re probably already using transistors, but you’re probably using them in large, prepackaged clusters of just one type. The SparkFun Discrete Semiconductor Kit addresses your needs of only needing one or a couple transistors without you needing go and order a single transistor. Inside each kit you will find multiple types of semiconductors including PNP and NPN bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes, adjustable voltage references, and adjustable voltage regulators.

Because discrete semiconductors are a basic building block of electronic circuits, this assortment of discrete semiconductor makes for a perfect addition to a workbench regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced electronics nerd!


  • 25x NPN Transistor - 2N3904
  • 25x PNP Transistor - 2N3906
  • 10x N-channel MOSFET - 5LN01SP
  • 10x P-Channel MOSFET - 5LP01SP
  • 20x Silicon Diode - 1N4148
  • 20x Power Diode - 1N4004
  • 5x Voltage Reference - TL431A
  • 5x Voltage Regulator - LM317LZ


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Customer Comments

  • Ah, I’ve been looking around for some small-signal P-channel MOSFETs in TO-92 or similar packages for a while, along with their complementary N-channel devices. Have a couple of design ideas requiring these, and although I have some stock of P- and N-channel devices in SOT23 packages, I still have been on the lookout for some through-hole ones. And here they are.

    The other components are bonus ones to me right now; though the voltage references are also something I would have been looking for sooner rather than later. As for LM317, the 2N3904 and 2N3906 and the diodes, these are generally useful and convenient to have around and available right here.

    Overall, this is an excellent collection of small devices.

  • Who’s the doofus escapee from Pirates of the Caribbean?"

  • Integrated circuits aren’t really “just one type” of transistor (some early ones like PMOS were), but modern ones normally have at least two kinds of transistors, and often many more. Also, “Identification” is misspelled.

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Great selection, some labeling would be nice

It’s a great selection of semiconductors. Exactly what I need for some projects I’m working on.

My big objection is the packaging. Each item comes in a small plastic bag with no label. So instead of opening the box and working on my project, I had to spend a half hour with a magnifier and their identification guide to figure out which item was which and put a small label in the bag with the item. This could easily have been done by whoever packaged them in the first place. Not impressed.

I bought two of them

Nice selection of commonly used semiconductors. Haven’t had a problem with them and great to know I’ve always got a handy selection on hand.

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