EeonTex Conductive Fabric

This EeonTex fabric is a conductive, nonwoven microfiber for use in e-textiles as well as electromagnetic and resistive heating applications. Each sheet of the EeonTex Conductive Fabric is pre-cut into 12 inch by 13 inch sheets about 0.8mm thick. This fabric is very versatile and perfect for anyone interested in wearables and e-textiles.

EeonTex Conductive Fabric is highly conductive with a tunable surface resistivity of 8 Ohm/sq to 105 Ohm/sq. Additionally, it is extremely durable with a tensile strength of >450N and a tear resistance of 12N.

  • Filament Blend: Polyester/Nylon 6 (70/30)
  • Web Bonding: 170g/m²
  • Thickness: 0.80mm
  • Sheet Size: 12"x13" (304.8 x 330.2mm)
  • Tensile Strength: >450N
  • Elongation at Break: 40%
  • Tear Resistance: 12N
  • Surface Resistivity: Tunable from 8 to 105 Ohm/sq

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Customer Comments

  • How will this fabric react to or in water? From a quick google search I found quotes like: "Practically insoluble in water and concentrated acids", so can this be in or near water?

  • It looks interesting. It could be used to make a glove for the hand of a robot who will take an egg without squeezing it too hard and without letting it drop down. I don't know if the fabric will held its properties when it is cut. I don't know what voltage is required and if a tiny battery will be good enough. I also imagine a target for armless arrows made of several concentric circles cut in that fabric, each one connected to an arduino, which will show which rim has been hit.

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