USB to Micro-B Adapter

It's tiny, it's handy, and it can give your normal USB-equipped device a micro-B connector! With the USB to Micro-B Adapter you can make a flash drive connect to your tablet, connect a keyboard to your phone in order to text with ease, attach a Bluetooth® dongle to your RPi Zero, and more! Since this adapter is super small, it is very easy to transport anywhere you might need it --- making it extremely convenient to have in a pinch.

Installation of the USB to Micro-B Adapter is easy; simply slide it into a USB A connector, and you will instantly make that device micro-B capable!

USB to Micro-B Adapter Product Help and Resources

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January 18, 2013

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July 13, 2017

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  • Member #501295 / about 2 days ago / 1

    The product is not as pictured. It's missing the metal cladding on the back of the A side of the connector. Consequently it's 1.4mm smaller in width and .8mm smaller in thickness and while it will fit in a USB A female socket, it is too small to make a good connection or be retained with any kind of friction force. I bought two and can use neither.

  • So does this also tie the "on the go" pin to ground on the microUSB so it can be used with mobile devices' bidirectional USB ports?

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