Chip Quik No-Clean Flux Pen - 10mL

Do you need help soldering a difficult project, reworking a botched pin or just making your life easier? This 10mL no-clean flux pen from Chip Quik® is great for all of your solder, desolder, rework and reflow purposes! For those of you unfamiliar, flux is a handy substance that prevents beading of the solder and helps the solder flow cleanly onto the parts you are soldering. This is a must-have tool for any hobbyist's workbench.

Each of these flux pens can be used in leaded and lead-free applications and is VOC, halide and rosin free --- making it RoHS II and REACH compliant. Since this is a "no-clean" style flux, you won't have to worry about any sort of conductivity issues associated with it interfering with your board or project. However, it is advisable to still clean whatever you are using this flux pen on with basic isopropyl alcohol (IPA), because a clean board is a happy board!

Note: It isn't recommended to use this flux with solder that has a water-soluble or rosin flux core in scenarios that require your boards operate at a high reliability rate. At a hobbyist level you should have no issues.

  • Flux Type: No-Clean Liquid Flux (for leaded and lead-free applications)
  • Flux Classification: INM0
  • Packaging: 10ml Pen
  • Shelf Life: Refrigerated >24 months; Unrefrigerated >24 months

Chip Quik No-Clean Flux Pen - 10mL Product Help and Resources

How to Solder: Through-Hole Soldering

September 19, 2013

This tutorial covers everything you need to know about through-hole soldering.

Activating the Pen Tip

The tip doesn't ship with flux immersed inside the tip like a sharpie. You have to turn the tip downward to a surface and press a few times to allow the flux to fill the tip. It acts like some commercial paint pens. Please remember to store upright with the tip up to the sky to help avoid any unintended leaks.


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    Can you lower to price by $38 dollars please :)

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Flux Pen

Exellent product, i highly recommend it.

Works real good

The quick flux pen is easy to use. And it makes fixing my bad solder joints easier. I’ve also used it before tinning wires. It makes quick work.

It smells funky. Probably not good to breath.

Doesn't come with instructions

You have to already know how to use it

Know What Your Doing

I assumed that this was similar to the flux in solder. My assumption was obviously wrong. My use of this to promote soldering on a circuit board resulted in creating low resistance conduction between conductive surfaces - what a mess. Don't assume - know what you're doing or learn the hard way. I'm sure that my rating does not reflect the performance of this product when used correctly.