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microSD Card - 1GB (Class 4)

For the times when all you need is a basic SD card this is the card for you. 1GB capacity is plenty to store MP3s or log environmental data, and still dwarfs older memory systems like magnetic core memory.

This card is not the Ferrari of SD technology, but that's what makes it perfect to use in permanent projects that require non-volatile storage. It is a Class 4 SDHC card with rated transfer speeds up to 4 MB/s. A simple test on our PC showed the available space as 942 MB and a write speed of ~5 MB/s.

No adapter is included because you probably have them coming out of your ears at this point.

  • SDHC format
  • 1GB capacity
  • Class 4 (4MB/s)

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Still Haven't Received

On 11/15/2021, I ordered the MicroSD Card - 1GB cards. I paid for 2 day shipping. I received my package with the wrong items. I've returned the incorrect items and as of today (12/5/2021), I have only received an apology (and no cards). To add to the issue, you cannot call anyone. They only accept emails with a long delay in response. This is my first issue, but a really bad example.