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Aluminum Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 - Magnetite Grey

Why use a heatsink and a case, when you can use a heatsink case?! This magnetite grey, anodised aluminium case for the Raspberry Pi 4 will give you 10-15°C of passive cooling under a full CPU load. This case is great for situations where you want completely silent cooling, like home media centers.

It comes with a thermal pad to provide thermal contact between the CPU and top case, and a handy Allen Key and set of hex bolts to attach the case together.

The case gives you access to all of the ports, pins, and connectors. You can just about get away with using low-profile HATs and pHATs (those without bulky components on the underside) using one of our tall headers, but be extremely careful not to short any components on the metal top case!

  • Anodized Aluminum Enclosure
  • Hex Bolts
  • Allen Key
  • Thermal Tape
  • Anodised aluminium top and bottom case in Magnetite Grey
  • Heatsink fins
  • Thermal pad
  • Hex bolts and Allen Key included
  • Access to all ports, pins, and connectors
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4

Aluminum Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 - Magnetite Grey Product Help and Resources

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  • What is the size of the hex bolts and, if I get longer ones, can I mount the cased Pi to something? I imagine I'll have to drill out the already tapped holes on the bottom case half.

    Edit: I see that the bolts go from the bottom, up through into the top. That makes mounting it a little more difficult but not impossible... My question about the size of the hex bolts still stands though

    • Hi there, it sounds like you are looking for technical assistance. Please use the link in the banner above, to get started with posting a topic in our forums. Our technical support team will do their best to assist you.

      That being said, we may not be able to measure that accurately and it might be simpler to contact the manufacturer through their forum.

  • Would be nice to see a good picture of the inside surfaces of the case.

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Good fit, looks nice

This is a very solid piece of kit. The Pi 4 is reporting a constant 36°C while running in this box. When you put your hand on it, you can definitely feel the heat that has radiated off the chip and into the aluminum.