SparkFun Jetson Nano Basic Kit with Battery Pack

So, you currently have, in your possession, a Jetson Nano™ from NVIDIA® (or you're at least planning on picking one up in the near future). What's next? The SparkFun Jetson Nano Basic Kit provides you with all of the essential parts needed to start new projects with your Jetson Nano.

There are a number of parts provided with this kit but it all needs to start with a 32GB microSD card with Adapter. The Jetson Nano Developer Kit uses a microSD card as a boot device and for main storage. It’s important to have a card that’s not just fast but also large enough for all of your projects; the minimum recommended being a 32GB UHS-1 card.

You’ll also need to power the Jetson with a reliable power supply that can deliver 5V⎓2A at the developer kit’s Micro-USB port. With this version of the SparkFun Jetson Nano Basic Kit, we have included a Lithium Ion Battery Pack for on-the-go applications. This battery pack option gives you more mobility in your project choice than our plug-in power supply option for this kit.

Also included with this kit are a one meter HDMI cable, a two-in-one WiFi and Bluetooth adapter, and a 2-pin Jumper.

Note: This variation of the SparkFun Jetson Nano Basic Kit does not include a Jetson Nano in any form. This board will need to be purchased separately.

SparkFun Jetson Nano Basic Kit with Battery Pack Product Help and Resources

Adding WiFi to the NVIDIA Jetson

April 23, 2020

Step by step instructions for setting up and installing the Edimax N150 USB WiFi/BLE adapter on your NVIDIA Jetson Nano

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