Fast Charging USB A to C Cable with LCD - 4ft (6A)

Charging or powering your USB Type C device can be daunting. Finding a cable that fits both your interface and provides safe power levels is a new challenge presented with USB Type C. This 4ft long USB Type A to Type C cable from USAMS fits the bill at a great price with some extra cool features. The power draw (up to 6A of current) can be seen on an LCD screen built into the USB Type C connector. It provides high current, fast charging, and USB 2.0 data rates (480Mbps) in an extra sturdy nylon braided cable.

  • USB A to USB C interface
  • 6A Max Output
  • 480Mbps data transmission rate
  • LED Real Time Display of Power Draw
  • Nylon Braided Cable
  • 4FT (1.2M) Length

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  • Member #498212 / about 2 years ago / 1

    How does this do 6A? The baseline USB-C spec has a cap of 3A at 5V, USB-PD 2.0 has a cap of 3A at 5/9/15V and 5A at 20V, and USB-PD 3.1 (only 15 months old, very rare) adds a cap of 5A at 28/36/48V to what PD 2.0 offers. It is also possible to get up to 5A at below 20V, but only if the power supply supports the optional PPS feature of USB-PD 3.0+ (still not very common), you put the power supply in 20V mode, and program the voltage down (minimum 3.3V).

    In short, no version or part of the USB-C specification offers more than 5A. The only way to get more than 5A would be if this cable has its own built-in DC-DC buck converter, but that seems very unlikely for such a cheap cable.

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