Three Phase Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer Motor

A 3-phase DC brushless DC motor has the unique capability of being both a high efficiency, high torque, very smooth motor, as well as the starting point for haptic feedback when combined with the appropriate sensor and motor control. For an excellent demonstration of what's possible with 3-phase DC motors, checkout Scott Bezek's SmartKnob.

Connector: Molex 51021-0300

Mating connector: 053048-0310 (PTH R/A), or 053047-0310 (PTH), or 053261-0371 (SMD)


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  • Member #1760785 / about 11 months ago / 1

    Does this motor come with an encoder?

    • Member #993125 / about 11 months ago / 1

      No encoder, but it does have a diametric magnet built in (the black ring on the back/bottom) so it's easy to use with an encoder of your choice!

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