SparkFun Debugging Duck

Can I bother you for a minute?

Rubber Duck Debugging is the method of working through a problem by verbalizing the problem at hand. There is something that happens once you verbalize your problem that makes your brain skirt around the log jam, and jump over to the solution. No really, it works! It turns out, it doesn't matter who you're talking to, the solution follows the action; you might as well be talking to a rubber duck. Try it out if you want: ask any person "what are you stuck on?". While they are describing the problem, 50% of the time[1] you'll see them pause, and then regroup as they realize a solution to the issue they just described. You've been made into a rubber duck. Congrats!

The SparkFun Debugging Duck is a flexible, exceedingly buoyant, clearly fabricated, cognitive device for hardware debugging. Guaranteed to reduce debugging times and increase productivity[2] and conversation[3]. Before you ask your coworker, ask your Debugging Duck!

[1] Made up number.

[2] We definitely can't claim that.

[3] Okay, that's probably true.


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  • Member #134773 / about 6 months ago / 2

    As a retired Engineer, I've always been amazed by the frequency when something like this would come in handy. I saw many instances when I'd either ask a colleague for help, or be asked for help, and when the person needing help was about half way through explaining the problem they'd say "Oh, wait -- here's the problem" and realize how to fix it.

    I'm definitely keeping my Debugging Duck handy -- it'll keep me from having to get up and go searching for a teddy bear to help solve problems! ;-)

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