SparkFun RTK Replacement Parts - Facet Housing

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This is the enclosure and various bits needed to replace the housing of an RTK Facet and is intended for users who need to repair a device. Open Source Hardware has the benefit of allowing a user to understand and repair a broken device themselves!

For more information please see the disassembly and repair instructions .

Note: The housing is compatible with the RTK Facet, not the RTK Facet L-Band.

Please see the recommended products below for additional RTK parts that may be needed for a repair. If you don't have a mini screw driver, we highly recommend the SparkFun Mini Screwdriver for working with this enclosure.

  • 1x Enclosure
  • 1x Foam battery protector
  • 1x Connector sticker
  • 1x Facet info sticker
  • 1x Facet ARP sticker
  • 1x Display overlay with button
  • 4x Antenna screws
  • 8x Enclosure screws


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