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Description: This is just your basic reversible screwdriver - pocket sized! Both flat and phillips heads available. Comes with pin clip and snazzy SparkFun logo.

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Customer Comments

  • I thought this would work great for tweaking small POT’s and screw terminals. It’s just slightly too big to do either :-/

    • It’s easy to grind it down a bit though. Sparkfun should consider carrying plastic screwdrivers. Those are useful for adjusting trimpots without shorting them out.

  • Awesome sqew driver get it with your order

  • I just received four of these. Two of them won’t stay in the socket and fall right out. The other two are slightly snug, but slide out when shaken. I recommend not buying.

  • I just received mine today. Is the screw bit suppose to be so loose in the socket? I can’t imagine keeping this clipped in a pocket or pocket protector without worrying about losing the bit.

    • No, the screw bit should fit very snug inside the socket. Contact tech support if you are still having issues(

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