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Description: DB9 female header - right angle PCB mount. 0.318" Style.


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  • Is there a male version of this mount?

  • How about that male version?

  • Is this the type of socket that most PCs use for their monitors?

  • Guys, your DB9MALE pinout in Eagle is identical to DB9FEMALE one. That is completely wrong. They should go mirrored. ;(

    • They look identical in the Eagle PCB layout image but they are not! I just realized that in the DB9 Female eagle PCB image, the rectangular shaped drill indicates pin #1 whereas in the DB9 Male it indicates pin #5. You can confirm that by connecting a DB9 Female to a DB9 Male and seeing that the connections actually do correspond with the right pinout.They Should fixed that to avoid confusion.
      I hope i explain myself clearly.

  • Yeah I’m still perplexed at the lack of male DB9 plug, which they’re using in their OBDII-UART board now….

  • i would also like a male version, mainly to use with your OBD-II cable…

  • I needed the male connector as well. I believe that the Digi-Key part number for that is A35105-ND, but I haven’t received it yet to verify that it will fit in the PCB mount. The datasheet looks promising though.

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