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Description: These are various leaded cables for attaching to multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc. Cables come in red/black pairs.

Dimensions: 36" Long

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Customer Comments

  • These are the first sparkfun products I’ve been less than entirely satisfied with. The grabbers don’t work at first (at least the 4 I got didn’t), had to really put a lot of pressure on the backs to pop the hooks out the first time, like putting them on a table and pressing down as hard as I could, and I’m a big guy. 3 of the four work well now, but one looks like it had some plastic in the grabber coupling and twisted internally, and sort of works, it’s hard to get the hook out. Still a good buy for the price, 3/5 stars and all, but not perfect, as Sparkfun merch usually is, and I suspect a fraction them will break in the process of getting the hooks out

  • when will these be back in stock?

  • I don’t recommend this, banana jacks are way too loose. I can remove them from my meter with a light tug on the wire without holding the meter down. Hook part was adequate.

  • The manufacturing tolerance and/or testing on these appears to be poor. The banana plug on the red wire in the set I purchased is too big to fit into any jack, including the piggy-back jack on the black wire.

    • Sorry about that, email techsupport@sparkfun.com and they should be able to gt that straightened out for you.

  • Can someone please post a pic of the back of these banana plugs, or confirm whether or not another set of banana plugs will piggyback onto these?

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Banana to IC Hook Cables

Says one accountant (who was using Banana to IC Hook Cables) to another accountant: Accountant #1: How’s it going today? Accountant #2: Not good. I’m in the red today–how about you? Accountant #1: I’m always in the black.

  1. What happens when you plug a black banana jack into a red banana plug?
  2. Cute kids.

  3. Why are these cables only 36 inches long?

  4. If they were any longer I would not be able to connect two of them together so that I always have my safety glasses with me.

These jokes are making me go bananas. But the more I read them, the more I’m hooked.

Sorry, but I have to get back to work. ; ( -TS.

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