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Description: This is a standard issue USB 2.0 cable. This is the most common A to B Male/Male type peripheral cable, the kind that’s usually used for printers. Compatible with most SFE designed USB boards as well as USB Arduino boards like the Uno.

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the world of USB cables, why not check out our USB Buying Guide?

Dimensions: 6 Feet

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Customer Comments

  • sell me the cable

  • Mine works.

  • In hind sight, I should have bought a few more of these. $4 is a steal.

  • Works great with Arduino, my USB hard drive, and my printer. For $4 this seems like a steal compared to the ridiculous $20 ones that retail stores want to sell you. Don’t be fooled by gold plating, it doesn’t make a bit of difference in most cases. I got a white cord but it doesn’t really matter, goes well with my printer I guess.

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