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Coin Cell Battery Holder - 12mm (PTH)

This is a through-hole 12mm coin cell battery holder. It's the unit we like to use as RTC backup and SRAM backup for GPS units. Holds battery in place with friction. Metal housing is +, PCB pad underneath is -.

This battery holder is sold in single units.

Coin Cell Battery Holder - 12mm (PTH) Product Help and Resources

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  • The picture shows two sides of the same piece.

    All three pictures show only the top.

  • Actually, the correct datasheet is here. This is a through hole component, Keystone only sells one of them: http://www.keyelco.com/product.cfm/Thru-Hole-Mount/3001/product_id/778

  • datasheet link is broken. its one of these. http://www.keyelco.com/category.cfm/For-12mm-Dia-Cells/Surface-Mount/p/405/id/849/c_id/982 cant tell which as SF don't publish the manufacturer number....

  • Where would I find the eagle footprint for this?

  • I've ordered this and it fits my CR1220 fine. CR1220s are 12.5 x 2.0mm. Would the CR1225 that you sell also fit even thought is a little thicker at 12.5 x 2.5 mm?

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