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Description: PCB mount clip to hold a AA battery. Sold in single units, you’ll need two. These work great for small, low power applications that need a battery to run. Low cost and easy to use!


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  • I looked at this part in the Sparkfun parts bin in Fritzing and the space between the clips seems too big. Will batteries fit correctly in this?

  • They actually have “spring” effect (just solder them at a slightly smaller distance; I took measures using actual batteries).
    I only wish they were breadboard-friendly…

  • I find this holder to be not super reliable. Contacts are lost from time to time, in my opinion because of the lack of a spring. If you need 2xAA batteries in your project, I would recommend the more reliable PRT-09547 battery holder. It is also cheaper [PCB area cost as well].

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Snapped right in

I made a PCB on Fritzing and these suckers just snapped in like they belonged there. Um… and they hold a battery.