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Description: Surface mount 3-way switch. These switches are commonly found on handheld devices like MP3 players. This switch allows the user to navigate using up and down selections then select by pressing the plastic piece inwards. Capable of swtiching up to 1.2VA (360mA at 3.3V and 240mA at 5V).


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Customer Comments

  • Is there a breakout board available for this? It says there is in the description but I can’t find it.

  • Hi, I ordered some of these, is there any possibility of getting a clearer pdf available for download, as I need to generate a package for this item. I’m not using eagle unfortunately.

  • This datasheet is practically unusable. Can someone pro remake it more clearly? Why does the PCB Landing sound like what I need to use to model the PCB footprint but the SMD REFLOW PATTERN is actually the footprint? Horrible datasheet :/

    • I agree that it’s not the most clear datasheet, but I think most of your confusion stems from what appears to be multiple parts described in the same document, using different terms.

      The one on page 3 has the wrong pin count, so can ignore that one.
      The one on page 2 looks like it has the wrong physical rocker assembly, but let’s not discard it yet.
      The one on page 1 looks like a more appropriate match.

      Though if you check the numbers, both the devices on page 1 and page 2 actually use the same PCB pattern, so it wouldn’t matter which one you’d pick.

      Then again, unless you’re doing so as an exercise, you shouldn’t have to model it anyway - comments further below from 4 years ago suggest that it’s already in the SparkFun Eagle library under “NAV_SWITCH”. A quick search through the files points me to SparkFun-Electromechanical.lbr . Opening that and locating the part gives me this grumpy looking fella:

  • Here’s how to hook it up to an Arduino…check out my tutorial and sketch

    • Any chance you have an updated link for this? I tried looking through your site (fantastic by the way!) but didn’t see it.

  • SFE Eagle Library has this part!… do you guys have a naming standard? I know it isnt hard to find parts from here on eagle lib but its a hassle when the name doesnt match…

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